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Mon Oct 20, 2014, 4:53 PM

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I Apologies to all that it took so much for us to decide, but all votes where given from our judges and their opinions counted a lot to the last decision we took. With no other introduction here are our winners and the reasons they where chosen this way.


1st place goes to :iconangevere:- with:
Alori by Angevere

Here's what it was said about her drawing:

:bulletyellow:" You can definitely tell there was effort put into this drawing. Angevere does wonderful World of Warcraft art and I choose this because of a certain feel of nostalgia. :>
The theme(s) are respected, since she is an elf and the environment, Eversong Woods are always in golden and orange colours, but also the summer theme is respected through her clothes. I do not think she would wear that in winter. Though you never know with blood elves, they are pretty masochistic xD
This deviation makes me feel nostalgic, for sure, and also anticipation, since both her hand and the dagger are glowing, indicates this is a stance, while not very dynamic, a rogue would have before stealthing and entering a duel/battle. The background however is peaceful and warm, strengthening the idea of an ever lasting forest and the black cat, through its lowered tail, a sign of relaxation, reinforces the idea of peace. The contrast between the character, ready for action and the background & secondary character is lovely and you can feel it. It's tangible.
As a little gripe I have against this drawing is the blank expression the blood elf has. Maybe I am picky because the green eyes makes most blood elves look expressionless, but there could have been a cunning smile or a wince, and I could have sympathized with the character more. In terms of anatomy most of it is fine, but the head is a bit too small, as compared to the hand (hand has to stretch from the chin to 1/3rd of the forehead height) and the right forearm is shouter than the left, the one bent to hold the ball of energy." (by MaddalinaMocanu)
:bulletyellow:" I have choosen Angevere's classic blood elf, in the so popular Eversong Woods from the game World of Warcraft, because even though it doesn't quite "scream" summer, her's is the only one that managed to balance the colors from our given pallet red-green-yellow so beautifully. The details on the blood elf's clothing are very impressive, the forest behind her, the river even the pavement are very well done and it is clear that she has put a lot of work into them."(by Bliood-Kira)
:bulletyellow:"although I consider red, green, and yellow, as fall colours, this artist followed the rules and aesthetically I like it over most of the other entries. The background is very well done, as well as the elf & cat"(by buenodavista)
:bulletyellow:" captures summer and I like that she managed to incorporate the color palette beautifully"(by Metal-Quill)


2nd place goes to :iconlazyacorn:- with:
Summer Forest by LazyAcorn

Here's what it was said about her drawing:

:bulletgreen:"Even though this drawing looks very simple to me it doesn't look like so. I really like the colors she has choose, witch give a warm feeling, and the light dress the elf is wearing really gives the impression of summer, not to mention that he used the exact color pallet we have asked, and they are no other color "intruding" in his drawing. LazyAcorn's drawing may not look complicated but i'm sure he has put a lot of effort behind it."(by Bliood-Kira)
:bulletgreen:"Beautiful movement here in the hair and the dress, as well captured in the background. I really fancy this drawing for its composition and the artist being so secure in drawing the lines."(by Windklang)
:bulletgreen:"has more mood and a more sophisticated approach of the theme." (by Angevere)
:bulletgreen:" captures summer and I like that she managed to incorporate the color palette beautifully"(by Metal-Quill)


3rd place goes to :iconheatherschoff:- with:
Elvin Forest Princess. by HeatherSchoff

Here's what it was said about her drawing:

:bulletred:"Not many people participated in the contest because they said the theme was very hard but HeatherSchoff has managed to show us all that it was possible, if you only sit back a bit and think. Not only that she represented our theme summer very well, you can tell that it's summer by the warm light that pases through the lush green leaves of the thick forest and the elf wares a light summer dress, but she managed to do the color pallet as well red-green-yellow - the green forest, yellow light, and slight reddish fantasy butterflies -. Not to mention the quality of this drawing, and the effort put behind it."(by Bliood-Kira)
:bulletred:"This is great picture with a nice magical feel. It follows the theme nicely and even though it's missing some red, it definitely fills in the other theme requests. It has been executed well too. The only reason why I'm not giving it first place is the anatomy mistakes. While the face looks gorgeous, the elf's right arm and shoulder looks weird, and the legs are too short for a standing figure, yet too long for the girl to be kneeling (skirt folds don't seem to suggest kneeling either) It somewhat bothers me."(by Angevere)
:bulletred:"Is a beautiful piece that feels very sweet and whimsical, while also following the rules. It reminds me of the cool shade in the forest on a hot summer's day and I like the little beams of light     peeking through the foliage. Overall it's a wonderful piece of art. "(by buenodavista)
:bulletred:"What I find the most convincing about this entry is the whole composition along with the colours of the given pallette used in a way that would create an incredibly harmonic atmosphere. It is besides the most detailed work as far as I can judge and very realistically done. The elf here is the typical female elf in a wonderful dreamy position. The artist captured the idea of the filigrane species in my opinion.
I also like what she did with the red: adding those creatures."(by Windklang)


That's all :squee: or is it...?
Because i have some points left i will offer a small prize to the 3 runner's up.

Elf by lucife56Archmage by EllirhShaanSummer by bibianat

Here's what it was said about their drawings:

:bulletwhite:" It respects the theme well.
-The color scheme is very well done, it works well with the light.
Red: Some parts of his clothes, the light falling into the forest.
Green: The plants and surroundings.
Yellow: The sunlight.
- The character is very elf-like, with pointy ears and elfish clothing.
- Its somehow summer-like, but also a bit autumn like...
This piece also shows lots of effort and amazing brushwork
The background is my personal favorite because it works to well with the composition of the picture.
The clothes of the character are interesting, its a great design."(by FierceBabydoll about "Elf")
:bulletwhite: "This only ends up here and not above because it reminds me more of an autumn enviroment. Otherwise I totally love it. It is beautifully done in the harmonic colors, and I really fancy the fact, that it features a male elve rather than the typical filigrane female one." (by Windklang about "Elf")
:bulletwhite: "Looking more close it looks more like middle of Autumn than end of summer, i could give a lot of reasons why i think so but it's not necessary. He would go well as a runner up as he interpreted very well the 3 color pallet we had given."(by Bliood-Kira about "Elf")
:bulletwhite: "This is actually my favorite out of all the participant submissions, because it's more my taste. It has great brush strokes, great attention to detail and great anatomy, but it lacks color balance and vividness and a distinct background. Shrug I liked it from the start and it is one of my favorites, amongst the other 3 I've chosen.
The themes are respected, the character being an elf and the color palette obviously being respected with a few indications of green for the eyes and staff gem. In fact, because the colors are so doused around the face and the clothing, the staff gem is the one that captures my eye first and foremost. And that is not really a good thing. The center of focus should be the lighter part, the one revolving around the face, but unfortunately here there is another contrast at play: contrast of quality. The greens are much purer than the oranges and thus the staff crowns the painting. I would have liked the elf and his wild mane to triumph in the composition of the piece, but alas, that is not to be. Oh, and the summer scenario can be implied by the rippling of the brushwork on the background - generated heat.
When I look at the drawing I see Elril xD I am not joking. That was my first thought when I saw Archmage, "Wow, he looks a lot like a long haired Elril. Even the expression fits!" Giggle But leaving that aside I feel unrest and a slight sense of chill. THe lower part of the drawing is colored in dark blue and navys and it gives me the impression that the mage has burst through a prison of ice to seek revenge! Mwahaha! Though it's all implied. There's virtually nothing in the background to indicate such a thing, unfortunately.
The anatomy of the character is lovely, the expression stern and determined, but I do have to point out that the ear looks like it was put on the side of the face with modeling clay. It needed a bit more shadows, since it is by the hair and hair naturally makes everything darker around it. Wink/Razz The design of his clothing would have needed to be a bit on the green side to not be confused with the background, but in it of itself it is simple and lovely, giving out a Mirkwood or Rivendell vibe to it :D (Big Grin)
It's a beautiful drawing and I am enthralled whenever I see it. The brushing is a masterstroke. Perfectly executed. "(by MaddalinaMocanu about "Archmage")
:bulletwhite:"Even if EllirhShaan's character is very detailed and i really like the drawing, id doesn't respect none of the themes except the fact that he is a elf. There is no summer fealling about his drawing, and only the green from our color pallet is present. " (by Bliood-Kira about "Archmage")
:bulletwhite:"  I chose this one because not only it follows the given theme perfectly well, it also has an interesting mood and style. I think the artist did a good job giving this portrait a personality. The painting technique and the colors woks together well and i think the bird was a clever idea to include the requested yellow, while also adding something interesting to the page." (by Angevere about "Summer")
:bulletwhite: " I chose this deviation because:
It respects the theme.
- The correct color scheme. Red: Her hair ,
Green: The plants and surroundings and yellow: the little bird sitting on her hand.
- As you can see at her delicate face and pointy ears, it fits for the elf- like theme.
- With the light, vibrant colors and green plants it also gives a summer feeling.
This piece shows a lot of effort, especially on the face and its shading and textures.
The hair is really nice too.
I hardly see any mistakes by the way.
The character also interacts with the environment ( The little
yellow bird.)"(by FierceBabydoll about "Summer")

:bulletpurple: A big thank you to our judges, for taking their time to write such awesome comments.
:iconbliood-kira: :iconmaddalinamocanu: :iconmetal-quill: :iconfiercebabydoll: :iconwindklang: :iconbuenodavista: :iconangevere:

:bulletpurple: Thank you to the sporting groups that helped us feature this contest.
:iconfairy-tale-fantasy: :icontimeless-elves: :iconden-of-elves:
:iconfreeyourfantasy: :iconoriginal-fantasy: :iconasangelsareborn:
:iconfantasycreators: :iconfantasy-dwellers:

:bulletpurple: And a big thank you to those that offered a prize :hug:

:iconshinesdonations: :iconbliood-kira: :iconasderuki: :iconbuenodavista: :icontwin-trinkets: :iconcardenia: :iconflane-kanja: :iconrebbylou: :iconbluebitart: :iconanothercontestgroup:

:bulletpurple: And last but not least, thank you for all the participants, because without them there would't had been a contest.

:iconjytta: :iconfairychamber: :icondeath-g-reaper: :iconlucife56: :iconbluebitart: :iconbibianat: :iconannaarmona: :iconheatherschoff: :iconangevere: :iconellirhshaan: :iconlazyacorn: :iconmisuru:

That's all for now, i hope our next contest will have more success and better prizes :).
So we can have future contest please help us raise more points by donating to our group at: :iconshinesdonations:


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